2017 Missouri Per$onal Finance Challenge


The 2017 Missouri Personal Finance Challenge will be conducted online from February 27th until March 24, 2017. The Missouri Challenge is FREE for Missouri high school students to participate.

Registration is now open! To register, please visit https://financechallenge.unl.edu/Missouri.

Teachers interested in participating should contact Grant Black at econed@umsl.edu or (314) 516-5248.

The Missouri Per$onal Finance Challenge is an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge of personal finance by competing with other students across the state. Students compete in teams of four. In the preliminary Online Round, student teams complete an online exam that covers key personal finance concepts in:

Earning Income & Protecting and Insuring
Using Credit & Buying Goods and Services
Saving & Financial Investing

The top two placing teams in each region will advance to the State Finals on April 14, 2017, at the Governor’s Office Building in Jefferson City. At the State Finals, teams will participate in 3 rounds of multiple-choice testing, with a final quiz bowl between the two top-scoring teams. Monetary prizes will be awarded to the students and teachers for the first and second place teams.

The first place team at the State Finals will represent Missouri at the National Personal Finance Challenge on May 5 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

No formal courses in Personal Finance are required. Any team of students interested in personal finance is encouraged to compete, but must have an adult coach. Schools may enter multiple teams in the online competition.

There is no cost to either teachers or students to participate in the Personal Finance Challenge ONLINE!

Research has shown that student competitions increase student participation, promote attendance, and help students achieve higher grades and test scores. For teachers, the Challenge provides a useful tool to help encourage students and generate excitement for classroom materials.

The Missouri Personal Finance Challenge is hosted annually by the Missouri Council on Economic Education with support from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis Center for Economic Education.