The United States economy is often referred to as a competitive marketplace. Yet many Americans do not understand the parameters of this competition. Why is it that so many people do not understand a subject that is so important to their daily lives? The simple answer is that nobody ever taught them. The Missouri Council on Economic Education exists in order to right this wrong by promoting economic and financial education in Missouri.

The Missouri Council on Economic Education is a nonprofit organization, established in 1969, for the purpose of promoting economic and financial literacy. MCEE has a Board of Directors, and many volunteers.

MCEE is affiliated with five University Based Centers for Economic Education:

  • University of Missouri—St. Louis (UMSL Department of Economics);
  • University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg (Business School);
  • University of Missouri in Columbia (MU Department of Personal Financial Planning);
  • Missouri State University in Springfield (Department of Economics).

As the list above reveals, the academic department where each center is housed varies by institution. This variety is extremely useful for our state network as a whole, since each distinctive field of student provides different opportunities for us to make an impact.

Given our state’s size, MCEE and our affiliated Centers train a disproportionately large number of teachers.